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Shared Blessings Ministry transitions people who are homeless to self sufficiency in a compassionate, caring, respectful manner.

Shared Blessings Ministry transitions those without permanent shelter to self-sufficiency in a compassionate, caring, respectful manner.


More days than not, We are Blessed by serving the Lord thru the ministry of Shared Blessings. As we prepare to host the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner 2014, we were asked to share the story of last year.This time last year, we began hearing stories of people that would not eat for days. Children, Seniors, Homeless that cannot be admitted to SB, and others. So the Board of Directors prayerfully decided to try the 1st Thanksgiving Dinner to be held at 518 Grove St, in Bonne Terre. We had nothing to offer but a building. Beginning to spread the word of the proposed dinner, we stated that we needed tables and chairs, paper supplies, food, ice, pans, and volunteers. The community response is nothing short of a miracle! Nearly overwhelming response of paper supplies, ice, pies, food, and whole meals with everything from cranberry sauce to prepared turkeys were brought to the shelter. People began planning to bring their families on each day to share their blessings with those who have not. We had volunteers to cook, clean and serve. We had people supplying the take out dinner containers, people making the dinners, and people delivering the dinners to those who could not come to the shelter. By Sunday, we served approximately 450 meals!In my personal experience, last Thanksgiving, was the most inspirational act of service of Gods grace and love for mankind. Humbled by the pure servant heart to reach those who needed it most.We are praying and spreading the word again, that we can host this meal and share Gods love with any and all that want to share a meal and fellowship together. If you have any interest in participating in any way.... provide, cook, serve, fellowship, entertain, clean, drive, pickup, PLEASE email:sharedblessingsshelter@gmail.com or call 573-358-2998Looking forward to witnessing Jesus hands and feet in service....

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Every week, Bogo sandwiches in Farmington donates the Give One sandwiches to Shared Blessings! Those sandwiches benefit not only Shared Blessings, but Centenary Cornerstone Cafe, Semo Violence Shelter and Habitat for Humanity! We all would like to Thank those at BOGO, and ask everyone to support them when you are in downtown Farmington. Behind the Post Office.


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